Modeling Packages

Teresa began her modeling career at age 3 and has modeled on and off thru her life.  After college, she was tasked with hiring models for magazine shoots and advertising campaigns.  

After becoming a photographer, she is often part of the decision making team as to which models to use for advertising campaigns.

She knows not only how to make you look great in front of the camera but goes the extra mile by teaching you along the way what each lens, light and piece of equipment is used for and how it impacts the image.

This knowledge is especially beneficial to beginning models or those that may need a refresher.

Simply knowing how a main light impacts the shadows on your face can make a huge difference in the quality of the image you capture.

And, when you do get booked....knowing how to move in front of the lights will show that you are a pro and lead to more work.

Unfortunately, we see models all the time that come in and move too fast or move in and out of the lighting setup, which is extremely frustrating to a photographer. Once the word gets around that while you may have the "look", you don't have the skill and you will lose work.

By hiring Teresa to shoot your portfolio, you not only capture amazing images that will catch the attention of the casting agent, but give your the tools you need to make an impact on set.