About Teresa Lee


Teresa Lee is an entrepreneur, an artist, and an innovative leader in fashion photography.  


After graduating from college with a degree in marketing, Teresa Lee began her career with Southern Bride Magazine.  Early in her career she worked as an advertising executive where she routinely hired photographers and models in creating national marketing campaigns.  It is during that time that she began to form her own thoughts and style as it relates to the production of quality fashion inspired images.


In 2001, Teresa Lee followed her passion and opened a photography studio.  Her creative images quickly gained international attention and by 2004 she was recognized in over 50 international photography competitions.  Teresa Lee’s work has also been recognized by the Kodak Corporation and on 11 occasions her images have been displayed on Kodak’s electronic billboard in Times Square, NY.


Her talent has taken her all over the country….working from Los Angeles to New York.  When the opportunity arose for her to work with several of the finalists from the hit TV show “So You Think You Can Dance”, Teresa Lee was thrilled.  She worked with several of the Dancers in Colorado, others in Los Angeles and New York.


One of Teresa Lee’s dreams was realized in 2011, when she was able to grant a wish to her daughter.  Lawson, her daughter, is a huge fan of American Idol and was crazy about Megan Joy.  When Teresa was hired to photograph Megan, she took Lawson to the shoot with her in Utah.  Lawson spent the day on set and even got an autographed copy of the demo CD before it was released.


As Teresa Lee continues to grow her business, she still takes the time to give back to the communities where she works.  She is inspired by powerful women that have overcome adversity and in 2012; Teresa Lee worked with Elizabeth Smart as part of the Safe Passage initiative that supports children that have fallen victim to sexual abuse and exploitation.  This event raised awareness and over $94,000 in her local community.


Moving forward Teresa Lee will continue to study her art and develop different aspects of her business.  She will continue to seek inspiration and to inspire others.